Portage To 2019
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Each year we give a yearly rundown of some of the biggest news while looking ahead to the next year. Join us as we portage to 2019!

Top 10 Most Read Articles in 2018

Last year’s top articles highlighted new canoe videos, and gear reviews… this year at Traversing.ca, the most read articles were...

#10 - Backcountry Custom Canoes Partners With Ashes Stillwater Boats


What a match made in heaven… Backcountry Custom Canoes making canoes from the designs of Ashes Stillwater Boats.

#9 - Fjällräven Toronto Celebrates Grand Opening


We were delighted when we heard that Fjällräven was finally coming to Toronto. We dropped by the new flagship store just before it’s grand opening to show all the awesome clothing and gear they have to offer the avid outdoors fan.

#8 - Ostrom Outdoors Returns With New Barrel Harness


We were just asking ourselves out loud as to “Whatever happened to the good ol’ Ostrom pack?” when lo and behold… it’s back along with new inserts! The barrels were sure missed!

#7 - Kevin Callan's 'Top 60 Canoe Routes of Ontario' Coming This Spring


Kevin Callan updated his previous book with 10 more routes in our beautiful province, which is a fantastic place to start when looking for the best places to paddle.

#6 - Drunk Canoeing? A Canoe Is Now Considered a 'Vessel' In Canada


Funnily enough this same news article was making headlines in 2017. This time around however, a court case has now designated a canoe an official “vessel” in Canada making it subject to drunk driving laws. This caused quite a stir from both sides of the argument, some saying that it was all about safety and others saying that it would cause too much of a ‘nanny state’ in Canada.

#5 - 2018 Canoeing Photo Contest


We’re delighted to have had our most successful contest ever! Check out some fantastic canoeing photos from coast-to-coast in our beautiful country.

#4 - MSR Hubba NX Tent Series Receiving Updates In 2019


Our favourite summer tent (as glowingly shown in our review) is set to receive new updates in 2019. Lighter Easton Syclone Poles and better weatherproof protection really has everyone excited to try it. Currently MEC has the exclusive on the Hubba Hubba series but these tents will come to all retailers in Canada in 2019.

#3 - New Garmin Explore App Helps You Plan Your Next Trip


Garmin teased a new app was coming with the release of their new GPSMAP 66 series that lets you connect your iPhone or Google device to let you browse maps and plan trips. It currently has an average rating of about 3/5 but has seen quite a few bug updates to make it better. As more handheld GPS units are released/refreshed expect to see the compatibility list grow. Hopefully we’ll see greater compatibility with GPX files too.

#2 - Mark's Now Sells Clothing With Built-In Insect Repellency


Permethrin, a man-made, contact insecticide that has long had an absence in Canada has finally made a grand appearance in clothing from Mark’s Work Warehouse. Look for “No Fly Zone” clothing to help fight against mosquitos and flies.

#1 - Unlostify Maps Help Simplify Your Backcountry Adventures


Unlostify maps launched March 1st of this year and captured the interest of anyone looking to paddle in Ontario. French RiverKillarneyKawartha Highlands and Massasauga are the first four, highly detailed maps they have put out and more will be coming soon!

So what else happened in 2018?…

We turned eight! Thanks for enjoying our site, your feedback and readership help make us the site we are today.

We came out with some new videos this year including now releasing videos in 4K! Check out our video about our brand new canoe and our dilemma about our canoe pack!


We wrote a few backcountry articles including a buyers guide for Canadians for canoeing shoes & Mosquito-proof clothing, and some tips for backcountry Winter camping meal preparation.


Ontario Parks celebrated their 125th Anniversary, Alberta Parks’ online reservation system passed the one-million mark, Manitoba Parks joined Facebook, and Sepaq updated their logo.


Sadly, every year we see a few mom & pop outdoors stores close and 2018 was no different. In Ontario, Up The Nipissing (Ancaster), Tent City Outfitters (Vaughan) and Outland Supply Co. (Guelph) closed their doors. If we missed any in other provinces please let us know!)

We also gained a new SAIL location in Quebec, as well as a new MEC location in Vancouver (with a new flagship store in Toronto to follow in 2019, and Saskatoon in 2020).


Garmin released an app to make it easier to plan your trips and an inReach Mini while SPOT released the SPOT X.


2018 saw the passing of ”Uncle” Phil Cotton and 30 years ago Bill Mason passed away. The canoeing community misses them both.


Perhaps a sign of the time/funding, but Parks Canada stopped offering their annual backcountry pass.


Canada and the U.S. worked together to standardize PFD ratings (Hey! Don’t forget to #AlwaysWearAPFD).

Thanks to everyone who followed us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube (as well as our newsletter). Here's to 2019 and all of the fun adventures it will bring as well!