Escape Mosquitoes And Black Flies This Spring

Escape Mosquitoes And Black Flies This Spring

Just around the corner are the little denizens that will chomp away on you all day long, then keep you up all night. Here are some bug nets from Canadian companies that will help keep you protected...



Coghlan's offers Bug Jackets, Bug Pants, and head nets at an affordable price and can be found pretty much anywhere.


Little Fly Design

Little Fly Design is based out of Quebec and makes jackets, pants, hats and caps.



Sail makes an affordable head net.


On Sight Equipment

On Sight Equipment is based out of Squamish, B.C. and sells a mosquito head net, insect guard pullover, and mosquito shelters. Give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


The Original Bug Shirt

The Original Bug Shirt has been around since 1991 and is based out of Trout Creek, Ontario. They have have bug gaiters, a bug hood, bug pants (zipper fly or pull on style), the 'original' style bug shirt and the 'Elite' Edition bug shirt. You can follow The Original Bug Shirt on Facebook.


Lee Valley

Lee Valley offers a bug headnet, bug jackets, pants and gloves that are made in Canada.

What do you do when you get to camp? Check out these shelters...



Eureka's NoBugZone gives you 270cm by 270cm of bug relief and packs down nice and small.



MSR has a two person and three person bug shelter that are ultralight and ultra-packable.



Therm-A-Rest has both a Cot Bug Shelter, and a Hammock Bug Shelter.


Black Diamond

Climbing gear company Black Diamond has a Beta Bug Tent and a Mega Bug Tent.


On Sight Equipment

On Sight Equipment is based out of Squamish, B.C. has a Hiker's mosquito shelter, a Traveller's mosquito shelter, and the huge Big Box Mosquito Shelter.


Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research's Bug Bivy lets you sleep a little easier at night.

Which ones have you used, and which are your favourite? Have we missed any? Let us know!