Building On Strong Results, Sépaq Updates Logo

Building On Strong Results, Sépaq Updates Logo

Building upon a successful past few years, Sépaq announced a renewed strategic vision and updated their logo.


By taking the letter "Q" in Quebec and combining it with a leaf (a symbol of nature) and put a roof over it... you have Sépaq's new logo!

This is how the visual identity of Sépaq is taking shape. A fusion of all the unifying elements creates a rich and meaningful symbol. It shows a generous and accessible world of nature. Nature that we can call our own.

This visual identity makes us proud. Proud of these territories that connect people from here and elsewhere to nature. A new identity based on our values: excellence, commitment, inclusion, pleasure, and courage. That’s what Sépaq is all about.

In their past three years 

  • A record-breaking 7.2 million visit days in 2016-17
  • An increase of 23% in 2 years
  • A 46% increase in children over the past 2 years in national parks for the summer season
  • A 15% increase in new anglers in one year
  • A strong presence of new moose hunters in 2017, with 31% of participants taking part in Sépaq draws for the very first time
The organization intends to play a positive and committed role in society by aiming to connect even more people to nature, especially young people and families. We leverage our skills by crafting outdoor experiences to create unique encounters that will allow citizens to recharge their batteries at the heart of our natural territories and enjoy the many benefits that are derived from them.
— John MacKay, Sépaq’s president and CEO.

By 2022, the organization intends to

  • Design innovative new products or services each and every year
  • Implement a customer recognition and loyalty program
  • Bring young people closer to nature through innovative incentives
  • Exceed a 35% visitation increase
  • Reach a 25% rate of new customers
  • Implement a plan to reduce the organization’s environmental footprint
  • Increase the protection of wildlife reserves
  • Maintain or improve the overall result of the environmental indicators for each national park
  • Continue its leadership in the protection of Québec's biodiversity

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Blog images provided by Sépaq.