Mark's Now Sells Clothing With Built-In Insect Repellency

Mark's Now Sells Clothing With Built-In Insect Repellency

Mark's Work Warehouse now sells clothing treated with No Fly Zone insect repellent to help repel Mosquitos, Ticks, Flies, Ants and Midges.

Incorporated into select items in Mark's WindRiver line of clothing the No Fly Zone repellant (made by Burlington Fabrics) is made from permethrin, a man-made, contact insecticide, structurally similar to a naturally occurring chemical derived from the dried flowers of the Crysanthemum.

Our No Fly Zone fabrics offer distinct advantages over other repellent technologies because the technology is applied at the fabric level for durable and consistent protection. The No Fly Zone repellent technology can also be matrixed with other Burlington performance technologies to create unique, high-performance garments and gear for people who love the outdoors.
— Nelson Bebo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Burlington Industries , Inc