Canadian Canoe Paddle Makers

Nothing beats a handcrafted Canoe paddle and Canada has a lot of great paddle makers. If we've missed any, let us know!



West Country Canoes

  • Cherry, Walnut, Ash , Maple, Spruce, Yellow Cedar and various combinations laminated
  • Many different blade and grip styles



Red River Canoe

  • Variety of paddle blade and grip combinations
  • Primarily touring paddles such as Beavertail, Malecite, or Voyageur styles
  • Hardwoods such as Walnut, Birch, Maple, and Cherry

New Brunswick


Fiddlehead Canoes

  • Over 20 blade and 20 handle combinations are available
  • Seats, thwarts, and decks also offered
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Vaughn Dunfield

  • Bent-shaft paddles


Ashes Still Water Boats

  • Ash on Cherry and Walnut on Maple paddles


Badger Paddles

  • Adult and children sizes
  • Personalized paddles
  • Also sell Badger Socks, Paddle racks, cutting boards, and Badger Paddle Oil

Bruce Smith Paddles

  • Handmade, specializing in custom orders
  • Black cherry, Black Walnut, Maple and Ash, including specialty woods such as Butternut, Bird's Eye Maple
  • Bruce Smith classic, beavertail, ottertail, modified ottertail, the stern, the tripper, the voyageur, and the passamaquoddy

Claxton Canoe Co

We produce and sell hand crafted custom wooden canoes and paddles, made from a variety of woods.



Echo Paddles

  • Made in small numbers from sustainably harvested local wood
  • A mix of hardwood and softwood to provide lightness and strength
  • Kid's, Tripping, Flatwater and ornamental paddles


Grey Owl Paddles

  • Adult and children sizes
  • Numerous shapes, wood types and styles including bent shaft
  • Also sell a paddle bag, and alternate handles

Haliburton Forest Paddles

  • Hand Crafted Wooden Paddles
  • Beech, Ash & Thermally Treated Wood, Birdseye & Thermally Treated Wood, Maple Light Birds Eye and Birch

Hunter and Harris

  • Hand Crafted Wooden Paddles 
  • Solid Wood and Unique Laminated Designs (Straight and Bent Shaft)
  • Cherry, Ash, Western Red Cedar, Basswood, Walnut and Other Specialty Wood  
  • Custom Paddles (Paint, Sizing, Design)


Langford Canoe

  • Adult and children sizes
  • Cherry, Walnut, Butternut and Laminated Bass paddles


Redtail Paddles

  • Handcrafted from White Ash (with two strips of Black Ash running down the centre)
  • Laser engraving


Teal Paddles

  • One piece wood paddle
  • Birch, Cherry, Poplar and Ash
  • Beavertail and Ottertail paddles
  • Also make a Canoe yoke made from Birch, Poplar, Cherry and Ash woods
  • Customization via lazering

The River: This is a Sugar Island inspired design meant for river paddling but finds itself at home in the lake as well.  This paddle offers a 7" wide and 22" long blade giving it ample push through low water levels. This paddle is offered in 54", 57" and 60" lengths and with different wood options.   

Wattier Paddle Co.

  • Ash, Walnut and Cherry

Wilderness Paddle Works

  • Mike Kipp makes Ottertail, Skipper, Spike's paddles and a paddle holder

Wolverine Paddles

  • Wolverine Paddles make Handcrafted paddles

Woodland Heirlooms

  • Fur Trade class paddles and Maliceet class paddles

XY Company

  • Original Designed Wooden Paddles
  • Hand-Crafted & Dipped
  • Ultimate in Performance and Comfort
  • KeepingHistory Alive


Maskwa Paddles

  • Trapper, Voyageur, River Shorty, Guide and Ottertail
  • Maple, Cherry, Walnut
  • Regular or Northwoods grip configurations


S Creek Paddle Company

  • Straight shaft or bent shaft paddles
  • Cherry, Walnut, Bass, Birch, Hard Maple, Black Willow, Butternut