Trail Swag's Most Popular Articles of 2013

2013 was a great year for us and we were able to continue to expand the blog in both scope and writing. Here are just some of our most popular articles of the year...


Coleman Canada Warehouse Sale - Camps, campers and outdoor fans alike love gear from Coleman... so what's better than a warehouse sale? #1 tip? Get there early, the lineups grow fast!

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Gear Review: Helinox Chair - There is a reason our review of the Helinox chair is so popular... it's one of the best pieces of camp gear we own.


Gear Review: Keen Bryce Mid WP - Our review of the Keen boot has been steadily been marching up our 'most read articles of all time' list all year. A solid boot that Keen still makes and has stood up to everything we've thrown at it. We still use it constantly and just finished the 160KM Frontenac Hiking Challenge with it.

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Bancroft Kicks off their Shoes for an Evening with Les Stroud - A cold and snowy night couldn't keep Survivorman fans away from an evening of great music and storytelling.

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Gear Review: Hotcore T-100 Sleeping Bag - Check out a Canadian brand of sleeping bag.


Trail Swag Interviews: Jeffrey McMurtrie - We sat down with Jeffrey McMurtrie to learn more about how his excellent line of maps came to be.

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