Jeff's Map Releases Killarney 2.0 and Temagami Maps

It was only a short while ago that we shared with you that version 5 of Jeff's Map Algonquin Park had been announced... well Jeffrey McMurtrie didn't stop there. Today he has not only unveiled version 2.0 of his Killarney map, but also announced a map of Temagami.

I asked Jeffrey what he changed for version 2.0 of his Killarney map, and he said "Everything". Just as version 5 of his Algonquin Map made exploring routes easier, this map does the same. Permit offices and outfitters are easier to find, possible areas of noise are identified, and estimated route times were updated.

Digital version of the map are still available as a free download (and available as a .JPG or Google Earth file), as well as for iPhone, iPad, Android and newer Garmin GPS'.

"A special note to those who have bought a waterproof copy of the Killarney map in the last month – if you're interested in upgrading to the new version of the map, send me a Facebook message or an email and I'd be more than happy to send you the upgraded version of the map on the cheap. I don't think it's fair to profit off of the unfortunate timing of your purchase and so the upgrade cost would just cover my expense of printing and shipping you the new map(s).
I do have a special offer to those who buy a waterproof copy of the first version of the Temagami map as a result though. If you: 

•buy a waterproof copy/waterproof copies of this version of the map 


•take the time to let me know about all of the corrections/suggestions you've come up with from all of your trips

I'll ship you replacement copies of the next revision of the map whenever it's ready at my expense (postage included anywhere in Canada and the USA) to thank you for going above and beyond in helping to improve the map for everyone 

Oh! And as an added bonus, 5% of the proceeds from the sale of the Temagami maps will be donated to the Friends of Temagami. They do great work maintaining and lobbying for the protection of the Temagami area, and I really want to play a part in supporting them"

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