Bancroft Kicks off their Shoes for an Evening with Les Stroud

Bancroft Kicks off their Shoes for an Evening with Les Stroud

During Les Stroud's Friday night concert in Bancroft, he described how kicking off his shoes after a long flight, made him feel a little more grounded. This close and relaxed atmosphere was felt throughout the Bancroft Village Playhouse all night as we listened to his acoustic and electric music.


Joined by Richard Jackson who kept amazing time with his hand drumming, and guitarest Ian Auger, whose smooth guitar work rounded out the trio.


Just as Les' trademark solo video footage helped him put his mark on survival methods as Survivorman, his music also delights. Through acoustic guitar, keyboard and harmonica, Les played through his catalouge of music including covers of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" and Eddie Vedder's "Hard Sun". It was great to hear "Never Intended" and "I Am Canadian" from his newest album "Wonderful Things" live as well.


Les took the opportunity to connect with the audience by fielding questions throughout the evening, including telling great stories from his numerous adventures, including re-inacting his best moose call.

Be sure to catch him on one of upcoming Ontario shows and download his app to learn more about his music.