New Episodes of Survivorman 10 Days Coming 2014


Update - December 14th, 2013: We asked Les about the new shows at a book signing and he mentioned that they will be coming in January 2014. Originally it was going to air this month, but he apologized as everything didn't come together in time. Season six, consisting of eight new episodes of Survivorman, including venturing out with his son Logan (There will also be a Survivorman Bigfoot special) will all air on the Travel+Escape channel. The first episode will air January 8th, 2014.

Update - December 30th, 2013: Travel+Escape has posted a new trailer for the upcoming episodes...

Les Stroud finally announced that filming has just started on eight new episodes of Sunvivorman. The show is set to premier in Winter 2014, on the Travel+Escape channel (follow Travel+Escape on Twitter, and find information on subscribing to the channel here). Two of the episodes will also feature his son Logan.

"Survivorman 10 Days pushes me to go further than I have ever gone before," explains Les. "I am very excited to take viewers with me on a new journey of discovery."

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