Eye-catching blue maps appeared at MEC Toronto

Eye-catching blue maps appeared at MEC Toronto

It is nice to see Jeff's Map of Killarney (announced the beginning of July) is already appearing in stores now (We already spotted them in MEC and Swift Canoe locations).  Jeff has been hard at work on these highly detailed maps for a while now, and they are really sharp!


The maps are chock full of helpful tidbits, including which access points to start at, directional instructions, and info pertaining to canoeing, kayaking or hiking within Killarney. 


This is a map that is fun to read, has seasonal tips (portages you might be able to skip, elevation pointers, water levels and poison ivy warnings), crown land designations, fishing suggestions, and obstruction notices. Seriously... purchase an extra one to hang on your wall!


It's only $15 and you can also purchase it online

Don't forget to check out Jeff's Map on Facebook for tonnes of interesting tidbits of the making of the maps and historical facts about the parks themselves.