2013 Frontenac Challenge: Challenge Accepted - Part 1

I heard about the Frontenac Challenge last year.... which was to hike the provincial park's 11 loops and over 100KM of trails between September 1st and October 31st. While I didn't have a chance to tackle it last year, I've been looking forward to taking on the challenge ever since.


In preparation I downloaded the .PDF map of the trails (and campsites) from Ontario Parks' website, but after daydreaming about the hikes, I made sure to pick up the more detailed map, created by the Friends of Frontenac (which is available at the Frontenac Park office, and some outfitter stores (be sure to inquire as they might be able to order it for you)).


The challenge was created by Park Superintendent Lloyd Chapman in 1993 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Ontario Provincial Park System. If you can complete the 160KM challenge by Halloween, then you will be presented with a certificate of accomplishment at the Frontenac Challenge celebratory BBQ in November. Complete it five times, and your name will be engraved on the "800km Club" plaque, and after 10 times, you will be recognized on the "10 Challenge Under Their Boots" plaque.


Be sure to go to the head office first to register for the challenge and pick up your Log sheet. As you navigate the trails, there will be signs with words related to each year's themes for you to jot down in your log sheet.

If you complete the challenge, return the log sheet to the main office, and don't forget to join in for a celebratory BBQ on November 9th to receive your Challenge Certificate.

I was the 218th person to register, so it is nice to see to many other people are interested in an activity such as this. My next article will be about gearing up, and how my first attempt at the challenge went...