On The Newsstands: Early Summer 2018 Issue Of Paddling Magazine

On The Newsstands: Early Summer 2018 Issue Of Paddling Magazine

The Early Summer 2018 issue of Paddling Magazine is on the newsstands. It's the 'Trip Guide' and in this issue...

  • 223 best trips
  • One blade wonder: Inside the world's largest open canoe festival that isn't a festival
  • 72-day jungle river descent
  • Boat tests
    • Ocean kayak's revolutionary Malibu Pedal
    • H20 Canoe's legendary voyageur
    • Swift Canoe's 29-pount-cruiser
    • Pyranha's retro tripper
  • How Instagram wil ruin your trip
  • New SUP race rules
  • Best paddling apps
  • Not dead yet: old people go wild
  • Why crowdsourcing gear will never work
  • Dumb ways to die
  • Gourmet chef gear guide
  • Kevin Callan refills his bucket list
  • Best Whitewater festivals
  • How to repair a crushed Kayak, anywhere
  • Kaydi's favourite Tim Shuff story, ever
  • Best bedtime gear
  • Portaging, suck it up buttercup
  • Tripping with toddlers, yes you can!
  • And more...

Canoeroots is $6.99 at your local newsstand and $3.99 on the iOS Digital Newsstand and the Android Store.

Don't forget Canoeroots Magazine has been combinedinto this magazine going forward.

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