On The Newsstands: Fall 2018 Issue Of Paddling Magazine

On The Newsstands: Fall 2018 Issue Of Paddling Magazine

The Fall 2018 issue of Paddling Magazine is on the newsstands. In this issue...

  • Women on the water: Who goes to the largest no-dudes kayak festival

  • Whitewater Mexico on the cheap

  • The 43-year family canoe trip to Alaska

  • Public school principal crushes Dougie’s dream

  • Video killed the rodeo star

  • Paddleboard with penguins

  • Why Bill Mason will never die

  • New joy management policies

  • Gear we love

    • PFD pocked picks

    • Best river canoe paddles

    • SUP expedition essentials

    • Righteous raft rigging

  • Betcha don’t know about wool

  • Kevin Callan feels stranger danger

  • Meet the godfather of good trip etiquette

  • Worse beginner advice ever

  • Coming soon: The jet drive Delorian of SUP

  • Tim Shuff on why return from the outdoors sucks

  • And more...

Paddling Magazine is $6.99 at your local newsstand and $3.99 on the iOS Digital Newsstand and the Android Store.

Don't forget Canoeroots Magazine has been combined into this magazine going forward.

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