2017 Ontario Winter Camping Symposium Wrap-Up

2017 Ontario Winter Camping Symposium Wrap-Up

The The Camping Family kicked off the Ontario Winter Camping Symposium with a great look at hot tenting at Mew Lake in Algonquin Park.


“Don’t go out there to survive. Go out to enjoy it and you will have fun” says Kevin Callan.


Tierney Angus (follow her adventures on Instagram) tells us “If you think #WinterCamping is out or your budget, think again. Reuse old junk. Embrace the winter blubber layer (gourmet cooking) and make your own gear!”


The The Passionate Paddler says that if you 1) Know yourself and what works for you, 2) Stay dry & 3) eat regularly... then you too can enjoy cold tenting


Martin Pine (check out his YouTube videos) suggests using a combination of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Crown Land Use Policy Atlas and Google Earth to plan your next Crown Land camping trip.


Jim Baird - The Adventurer shared his harrowing tale of  crossing 370KM of the Ungava Peninsula in Northern Quebec!

A HUGE thanks to David Bain and to everyone that helped make this symposium happen. It was great fun and I hope that it becomes a re-occuring yearly event!