Here's The Lineup For The 2019 Ontario Winter Camping Symposium

Here's The Lineup For The 2019 Ontario Winter Camping Symposium

The lineup for guest speakers for the 2019 Ontario Winter Camping Symposium is set and tickets are on sale. Never been before? Here’s some highlights from the 2018 symposium. The symposium is on November 23rd, 2019 and be sure to purchase your tickets before they sell out to catch…

Jim Baird (and Buck): Trekking across Baffin Island in Winter


Jim will be telling us the story of his epic 2017 winter trek across Baffin only he can! Join he and Buck as they trek one of the most remote locations on the planet....passing the incredible Mount Thor!

Both inspiring and incredibly funny, Jim Baird ("The Adventurer") is a presenter who actually lives the life many of us only dream about.

This is Jim's third time presenting at either the Winter Camping or Canoeing don't want to miss him!

Dave and Kielyn Marrone (Lure of the North)


Kielyn and Dave are the owners and operators of Lure of the North. Based out of their off-grid, wilderness property west of Sudbury their focus is making winter a safe, enjoyable experience to as many people as possible. They use the traditional travel techniques and equipment that has been successfully developed over thousands of years and lead groups on expeditions up to three-weeks into the wildest places in the Boreal forest.

Their passion is pushing people out of their comfort zone and exploring new limits while discovering how enjoyable winter can be by using the terrain appropriate technologies. From polar dipping at their base camp to walking 170 km down the Missinaibi River, they have yet to find the limit for the intrepid adventurers that join them in the wild.

Their talk will highlight their 14 day, 130 kilometer Temagami trek south to north from Matagamasi lake to the town of Gowganda, travelling along the Sturgeon River and past the Ishpatina ridge.

Mercede Rogers: Winter camping with Infants and Youngsters


Hauling gear by toboggan across frozen lakes and through forest trails is challenging at the best of times - add in having a baby or toddler with you and it’s a whole new adventure!

Mercede and her husband Mike have done just that; ventured out in hard water season with their son as a five month old and every year since. They hot tent and use traditional equipment such as wanigans, axe and saw.

Environmental awareness as well as developing grit and resilience are core values for this family as they aim to spend as much time in the wilderness as possible. She is also the Director of Camp Wapomeo - an overnight traditional canoe tripping camp in Ontario where she is able to share her passion with youth all year.

A traditional wilderness canoe tripper, guide and traveler in all seasons, Mercede will take you through how her family structures their trips; from route and risk management to gear and food!

Danielle and Bill Gardner (Artist in Residence and Astronomer in Residence: Killarney PP): Winter in Killarney PP


Danielle and Bill are teachers with the Thames Valley District School Board and artists from Southwestern Ontario. They were awarded the Ontario Volunteer Service Award in 2015 for their dedication to volunteering to teach families about art and astronomy in Killarney Provincial Park, where they have volunteered as Artist and Astronomer in Residence. Through the years, they have explored every season in the park and its interior by canoe, kayak, hiking and snowshoeing. Above all, their favourite season in the park is winter. It is their constant pursuit to explore its interior further with their two daughters. Their presentation will highlight some of their adventures winter camping through the years with explorations in the night sky through Astrophotography and paintings of the jewel-like Killarney landscape.

John Van Barriger: Packing the Perfect Four-Season "Oh Sh!t" Emergency Kit


It doesn't matter whether you're car camping in the front country or you've hauled a pulk or toboggan a week into the backcountry, you need solid emergency and first-aid kits to get back home should problems arise. In this presentation, John Van Barriger, founder of The Outdoor Kind, LLC, and correspondent for Paddling Adventures Radio, will provide real-world suggestions on the contents of each. He'll also add some specific winter camping tips that can make a huge difference in your next trip, and preview his insanely stupid 1,835 km winter walkabout!

The Ontario Winter Camping Symposium is held at the Theatre of the Arts, Modern Languages Building, University of Waterloo and we hope to see you there!