Fjallraven Knee Pads Are Great For Camping & Canoeing

Fjallraven Knee Pads Are Great For Camping & Canoeing

Fjallraven's lineup of trousers are perfect for any outdoor pursuit and they have one my favourite features... articulated knees. One underused feature however is the slot just below the double layer of material that lets you insert a knee pad. Knee Pads come in handy for both canoeing and camping any season of the year. The are made from 100% EVA Foam and are dense enough to provide the right amount of cushion without being too soft.

They come in one size and you can simply trim them to fit your pants depending on what size they are. The pads are compatible with the knee pocket on the Fjallraven Keb (Read our review of the Keb Trousers), Barents, and Vidda Pro trousers (for both Men and Women).

Simply fold them in half and stuff them in the slot by the knee (easier when you aren't wearing the pants), then massage them into place.

They are perfect for long canoe trips and since the knee slots aren't as wide as the knee pads, they won't fall out when portaging the canoe.

While knee pads are great when doing chores around the campfire, having a wet knee during Winter camping is no fun. These knee pads provide that extra bit of insulation between you and the snow and make cutting or chopping wood a little more enjoyable. Don't forget to wax those pants as well for a little more wind resistance.

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