Gear Review: Fjällräven Keb Jacket

The Fjällräven Keb Jacket is a perfect choice as an outer layer for when heading out hiking, backpacking or camping. Constructed from both pliable nylon and durable G-1000 (made from 65% recycled polyester and 35% organic cotton), the jacket fits comfortably and is well designed.

G-1000 material is meant to take a beating, and you will find it in all of the right places. Two of the most valuable G-1000 protected areas are the hood (to save you from the elements) and the shoulders (to save you from abrasion while wearing a backpack). On the flip side however, large swaths are covered by breathable nylon such as the back panel (great venting for when you wear a backpack) and under the armpits which also allow for a great range of motion such as when using hiking poles.

The hood is perhaps the most curious part of the jacket, which may cause a double take, but performs exceptionally well. When the wind and rain starts to pester you, flip up the attached hood (which includes both a drawstring, and a strip of velcro to help control how the hood sits on your head) and adjust the wire rim to your liking. While wearing the hood you will notice how far it extends, giving you a bit of tunnel vision which serves to cut off wind. Not only does this extra overhang keep you from wind shear, but as an added bonus kept my glasses dry from prevailing rain so that I didn't have to keep trying to dry them all of the time. If the skies start to brighten up a bit, you can roll back the extended hood, turning it into more of a traditional hood shape. 

Front dual zippers allow you to zip up the jacket, and then unzip the bottom to gain access your pockets in your pants, but the best zippers are under the arms. These dual zippers allow you to dump a lot of extra heat as they are quite long all while allowing easy access to shirt pockets within.

There is also a little zippered pocked on the left arm for smaller gadgets.

There is also a little zippered pocked on the left arm for smaller gadgets.

While the jacket has no standard hand-pockets (which are usually blocked by the belt of a knapsack anyway), the front of the jacket has two easily accessible chest pockets which are both really large and have stretchy inner pockets to keep devices or snacks secure.

The Keb Jacket stands up to a lot, letting you hike through thickets that would tear thin shells to tatters. Combined with the ability to add water resistance using a bar of Greenland Wax (read our review here) you will love this versatile jacket. Although it is a little heavier than most jackets (a size medium is 823 g), while wearing it you will keep marvelling at the thought that went into it. Wearing a heavy knapsack? Areas that would see wear and abrasion from buckles are protected with by G-1000. Wind creeping up on you? With the hood folded back, it sits high enough to protect the back of your neck. Stitching through-out is tough and unobtrusive and the entire front is made from G-1000 for wind resistance. You can tell that this jacket is made for outdoor adventures and I highly recommend it!

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