Gear Review: Fjällräven Keb Trousers

When it comes to outdoor adventures, pants are under appreciated. You won't appreciate them until you find a good pair and Fjällräven's versatile Keb Trousers (Men/Women) sure stand up to whatever you may encounter.

Just as we had found with the Fjällräven Keb Jacket (read our review), a lot of time has been spent crafting these pants. Don't expect large square swaths of material like a pair of baggy jeans, these pants conform to the shape of your body. They are extremely comfortable and very durable, constructed from both G-1000 (made from 65% recycled polyester and 35% organic cotton) and stretchy, breathable nylon.

The G-1000 is used throughout the front of the knees, lower legs, inside of the ankles and on the seat of the pants and offers UV-A, UV-B and mosquito protection. It is very durable and more resistant to sparks from a campfire than synthetic shell garments which would melt on contact. To top it off, the front of the knees are also protected by an extra piece of G-1000 which comes in handy when spending time on the ground setting up a tent or constructing a fire.

While the G-1000 provides everything from wind to rain protection (plus you can add additional protection using Greenland Wax), the nylon areas allow for a good range of motion and provide great breathability.

Just below the front of your belt line are two reinforced loops to clip a carabiner or compass. This handy position makes it readily available to glance down and access your items.

There are two regular pockets just below the belt line which are quite deep which should prevent anything from accidentally falling out when you are sitting or scrambling. While there are no pockets on the rear, there are two massive pockets on the front of your thighs that are large enough to store a folded up map.

The pocket on your right leg also has a stretchy inner pocket that easily retains a phone (and was pliable enough to support a phone with a protective case) to further reduce abrasion or having it bounce around.

There is a set of long zippered vents running down the sides of the legs. The map pockets and side vents are perfectly located at arms length, and easily opened without having to break your stride. There are also two additional vents down near the calves of your legs and when opened all provide immediate relief.

The stitching and strong seams are well done. The cuffs have extra tough fabric to prevent wearing, and have an internal strap to tighten the pant leg around your boots. You might not even notice until you take the pants off that the seam inside the leg has been moved to reduce chafing. A size 48 trouser (the pants come in European sizes, check the size guide before ordering) weighs 504 g.

It is very clear that the Keb Trousers were designed by someone who actually spends a lot of time hiking and camping. Each adventure you take these pants on, you will discover something new to like about them.

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