Friday Chuckle: Jarvis Bicycle Lane on Craigslist

Sadly now that the Jarvis Bicycle Lane is slated to be removed, one humourous poster has put it on the online classifieds Craisglist. In case the ad is removed, it reads as follows:

Free for the taking, one bike lane running north/south along Jarvis St. in downtown Toronto. Barely a year old, in like-new condition -- well loved, but with years and years of life left. We've just decided that cycling's not really a priority for our city and have chosen to switch back to the old car-centric model.
Would be an excellent addition to a European city, a smaller Canadian city, or even an American city with an eco-conscious, progressive civic mentality.

First come, first served! This thing's going to cost us about $200 000 to remove, so we'd like to see it taken ASAP.