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Peterborough Paddling Club: Bottle & Sucker Lake Trip Photos

Evan Holt2 Comments

The Peterborough Paddling Club had an overnight camping trip in the Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park. The route started at Catchacoma Lake and went into Bottle Lake and ended at Sucker Lake. It was roughly a four hour paddle in with fairly calm water and plenty of beaming sun all weekend long. Thanks to everyone for a fantastic time and good company.

Enjoying the smooth water of Bottle Lake after portaging from Catchacoma Lake


Taking a break from portaging 82lb Canoe lovingly dubbed the "Wayne-Boat" by Wild Rock employees



Enjoying wild blueberries


Beautiful view of Sucker Lake after uphill portage

Deciding which campsite to use (we booked two)

Breakfast Birthday Egg 'n Bacon Sammiches

The best way to turn four... out camping

Patiently awaiting a snack

Early morning coffee being brewed


A well crafted campfire seat at campsite #127 on Sucker Lake


Enjoying lunch on our final day