Gear Review: Fjällräven Stubben

Gear Review: Fjällräven Stubben

Looking for a svelte pack that will let you agilely slink under a tree that’s fallen across the trail? This isn’t it.

Looking for a lightweight pack who’s gram-saving trimness will cause you to forget you are even wearing it? This one weighs 2200g (4.8 lbs).


Looking for a pack that has some unique, well thought-out features and actually lets you park your keister on it to take a break? This is the pack for you!


Appropriately named Stubben (which translated from Swedish means ‘Stump’) this is a 27 Litre pack that is rectangle in shape (Height: 50cm, Width: 28cm, Depth: 28cm) and is quite rigid. Beneath the outer ‘bark’ of G-1000 (material that stands up to ample punishment) is a built-in aluminum frame that lets you actually sit on top of it and take in your surroundings.

Conveniently an arms length away from your perch are a few zippers where you can stash your gear away. The upper zipper offers a narrow pocket for your snacks or a map, while the larger pocket below is great for important things you’ll need like your headlamp, binoculars or a rain jacket.

On the back-side of the pack is a slim pocket that conceals an attached seat cover that is great after hiking all day in the rain. Once snapped into place (the “rings” of the stump are an entertaining touch) the cover doesn’t slide around and keeps you a little drier if caught in a rain shower.


The two large zippers unveil the main storage that is lined with orange nylon. Again, another nice touch that reflects light better so you can actually see what is inside versus the dark cave of other packs 


Leather straps look great against the forest green colour and two straps on either side help with hoisting it on your back or into your vehicle. They can also double as a strap that you can twist into a loop to help keep an axe secure.


The Stubben has a chest strap and an attachment for a hip belt. We added the extra side pockets (separate purchase) for additional storage and they hold a Nalgene and fuel bottle with ease. They simply and securely attach to the bands on the side of the pack in under a minute.

The material is extremely water resistant and can be waxed (Our review of Fjällräven Greenland Wax) to add additional protection.


Everything is well stitched and holds true. We’ve been using the Stubben for close to two years on countless trips and it still looks brand new. This pack holds more than enough gear for day trips and the seat and shoulder straps are well padded.


I’m sure if I asked you if you wanted to carry a stump on your back you would immediately think I’m crazy, but sometimes good design outweighs what you would normally look for. If you’re looking for something a little more unique and functional, give the Stubben a try!

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