OTG Meals Provides Campers With Healthy Freeze Dried Meals

OTG Meals Provides Campers With Healthy Freeze Dried Meals

On The Go Meals is a new startup that will be offering fully customized freeze dried meals that you can order from the comfort of your own home.

After graduating culinary school, Randy Newell had been cooking for over 13 years when he decided to open his own kitchen. With a love of the outdoors and going on a few solo and annual group trips each year he found that he tended to make all the food for the trips. During one of his solo trips Randy found that the pre-made meals that he had brought along were really disappointing. That’s when a lightbulb went off and he began his research into making them himself.

In addition to growing some of the produce himself to create the meals, he has sourced lots of local artisans and producers near St. Jacobs, Ontario (an area well known for its farming and Mennonite heritage). His wife’s family also owns a 200 acre farm where EVERYTHING is organic, free range and hormone free.


During that fateful camping trip Randy all noticed how deep and unsuitable the food bags were so he made his own that is more bowl shaped. They are also thicker so that retain more heat and feel more comfortable in your hands.

I make everything in small batches and like to switch up the menus and meals. I will be offering a “build your own” where I will have select things from different proteins, sauces, veg, pastas and grains. Each will be alloted a price point. Also I will offer a fully customized option with a minimum order of bags(tbd)
— Randy Newell, Owner of OTG Meals

The kitchen is being built right now (which will be fully licensed and inspected) and so far (from test campers) they have been receiving a great response about the menu and options. Everything is still being tweaked, but some of the meal options could be…

  • Grandpas Beef Stew

  • Pulled Beef Chilli

  • Squash Ravioli With Alfredo And Chicken

  • Lemon And Ginger Soup With Chicken And Rice Noodles

  • Tomato Fettucine

  • Jalapeno And Sausage Cheese Spread

  • Eggs And Cheese With Peameal Bacon

  • and deserts such as Yogurt Drops

If you are interested in learning more drop them an e-mail. The new website will be launching soon but in the mean time you can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram (and a YouTube account is coming soon).