Helle Announces Its Smallest Knife, The Kletten

Helle Announces Its Smallest Knife, The Kletten
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Helle has announced the Kletten their first knife that they consider to be a heirloom quality gentleman’s pocket knife and is made to be passed down through the generations.

The outdoors always provides our inspiration, from the natural materials we use to how we create our designs. Our first everyday carry knife needed to be a small yet functional design, one that stays true to our Nordic heritage and craft.
— Jan Steffen - Helle, production manager
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For over 80 years, Helle’s production focused on traditional fixed-blade knives. In 2010 Helle introduced the best selling Dokka, the brand’s first folding knife. In 2017, Helle released a second larger folding knife with the Bleja. To address the demand for a smaller Scandinavian style knife, the Kletten is designed as an everyday carry, pocket-sized knife for outdoor enthusiasts.



  • Name: Kletten

  • Weight: 84 g / 2.96 oz

  • Blade material: triple laminated stainless steel

  • Blade thickness: 2.7mm

  • Blade length: 55mm / 2.16-inches

  • Handle material: Curly birchwood

  • Handle length: 80 mm / 3.14-inches

  • Total length (open): 135 mm / 5.31-inches

  • Style: Folding, lockback

  • MSRP: $199 U.S.

Since 1932 Helle makes knives for international markets from the small village of Holmedal, situated on Norway’s rugged northern coast. Find your local retailer (here in Canada) to obtain one of these special knives.