Helle Knives And Survivorman Announce The 'Wabakimi Knife'

Helle Knives And Survivorman Announce The 'Wabakimi Knife'

Update: September 20th, 2018 - Good news, the knife has been revealed!

Building on an 85-year tradition handcrafting knives designed and tested in the outdoors, Helle unveils its latest collaboration with Les Stroud, star of Surviorman, at the 2018 Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show. Named for the vast wilderness park in Ontario, Canada, the Wabakimi knife is designed for self-reliance in nature. 

The third in a series of Helle knives designed with Les Stroud, the Wabakimi combines Helle’s 85 years crafting traditional Scandinavian knives with Stroud’s mastery of primitive skills. The latest addition is a medium sized, well-balanced knife small enough for hip carry, yet amply sized to make precise cutting and long carving sessions comfortable and efficient. 





The new knife fits between the larger, best selling Temagami (2010), a practical wilder-ness knife, and the light and compact Mândra (2017) neck knife. The Wabakimi combines the advantages of the Temagami’s ergonomic handle and long, pointed blade with the Mândra’s rounded shape. Featuring a three-quarter, partial tang reinforced with two robust pins, the handle is made from curly birch wood with a lanyard hole and a 3.3-inch drop point blade using Helle’s renowned triple laminated steel.

The new design was conceptualized over several months and handmade prototypes from the Helle factory in Norway were sent to Stroud for extensive field-testing in Alaska. Each prototype received further adjustments and refinements based on invaluable feedback from Stroud. This approach of researching, prototyping, field-testing and refinement constitutes the heart and soul of the Helle design philosophy.

In 1994 Stroud spent a year living close to the land and surviving using only what nature provided in Wabakimi, part of Canada’s far northern boreal forests. “The Wabakimi wilderness helped shaped my path and set in motion a life celebrating nature and wilderness,” says Les Stroud. “With these experiences in mind, and working closely with my friends at Helle, we have created a knife worthy of this remote, wild place.”

The Wabakimi knife represents nearly a decade working closely with Les. From our first meeting in 2009, to creating a collection of world renowned outdoor knives, we’ve come a long way both personally and professionally. We’re excited to see where the next journey leads.
— Anders Haglund with Helle of Norway

Wabakimi Knife Specifications:

  • Blade material: triple laminated stainless steel

  • Handle material: curly birch

  • Blade thickness: 3 mm

  • Blade length: 3.3-inches

  • Handle length: 4.6-inches

  • Sheath material: genuine leather

  • Weight: 135 g

  • MSRP $199