Crowdfunding: Crown Land Canoe Route Maintenance

Crowdfunding: Crown Land Canoe Route Maintenance

Brad Jennings over at Explore the Backcountry has started up a crowdfunding initiative to provide lite maintenance to degrading canoe routes in Ontario…

At Explore the Backcountry, we’re firm believers in sharing canoe route information, especially in this day and age of shrinking budgets and lack of regular maintenance for many routes outside of popular parks. Regular use is often the only way a canoe route can remain open for future paddlers. Unfortunately, there is a lack of information regarding the current state of many historically well used routes. Plenty of once well-trodden MNRF routes have fallen through the cracks, ultimately achieving a ‘lost’ canoe route status and potentially disappearing from the paddler’s route options forever.

By travelling, mapping, clearing and signing routes, users can help preserve these historical pathways for future generations to enjoy. Unfortunately, many of these routes have fallen into a state of disrepair. Portage signs have succumbed to the elements and trails have become overgrown. Would be canoeists are stymied by ‘trail hunting’ and the routes are only viable for the most hardy of adventures.

You can donate any denomination, every bit helps.