Download The '2018 Camping Cookbook' For Free

Download The '2018 Camping Cookbook' For Free

Go Outdoors in the UK are giving away their 2018 Camping Cookbook as a free download! This is their third cookbook which is filled with one-pot recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that have been submitted to them from their readers...


  • Potato and Egg Cakes
  • Overnight Cinnamon Apple Oats
  • Quinoa Superfood Breakfast Skillet
  • Chocolatey Chia Pudding


  • Moroccan Chicken Flatbreads
  • Sun-Dried Tomato and Giant Couscous Greek Salad
  • One-Cup Tomato and Feta Savoury Pancakes
  • One-Pot Chicken and Chorizo Risotto
  • Creamy Vegetable Curry Soup
  • Grilled Sweet Potato Pouches
  • Prawn Fried Cauliflower Rice
  • Chilled Avocado, Watercress and Cucumber Soup
  • Lentil, Vegetable and Sausage Soup
  • Skillet Chicken with Peas, Leeks and Bacon


  • Smoky Bean Chilli
  • Chicken and Spinach Curry
  • Sweet Potato and Ground-Nut Stew
  • Lemon and Garlic Langoustines
  • One-Pot Sweet Paprika Chicken
  • SuperfoodOne-PotStew
  • Spicy Bean Chilli with Pan-Fried Tortillas
  • Shortcut Shakshuka
  • Sweet Potato, Cauliflower and Peanut Stew
  • Rosemary Roasted Veggies with Turkey and Pecans
  • Vegetarian Italian Frittata
  • Thai Red Curry with Halloumi
  • Garam Masala Sweet Potato and Kale Scramble
  • Vegan Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Coconut Curry
  • Squash Tagine with Cauliflower Rice and Herby Tahini Dressing
  • PilafiPourgouri
  • One-Pot Pasta
  • Sweet Bean Curry
  • Seafood Paella