Grass Sticks Announces Bamboo Canoe Paddles

Grass Sticks Announces Bamboo Canoe Paddles

Colorado's Grass Sticks have just announced a canoe paddle made from bamboo. Each paddle is crafted from kiln-dried Calcutta bamboo and offers incredible strength-to-weight ratio and a medium/stiff flex that's easy on your body. All paddle blades have a 10° bent shaft/blade.

While carbon, fiberglass and other materials rely on a thin wall to reduce weight, bamboo’s thick walls provide a strong yet lightweight paddle, letting you paddle longer and harder. Plus, it feels great in your hand, and the fibers’ natural flex let you feel the reaction of the water.
— Andrew Beckler - Owner

Blade Material:

  • Foam core carbon fiber with a bamboo veneer, for reduced weight and increased blade buoyancy. 
  • Fiberglass, available in multiple designs and colors (Green Grass, Midnight Blue & Burgundy), for excellent durability and abrasion resistance in shallow rocky rivers.

Blade Size:

  • 100in2 Can be best for larger paddlers. Will result in a slower paddling cadence.
  • 88in2 - For all, including smaller paddlers. Will result in a faster paddling cadence with reduced stress on your body.

Paddle Length: Determining your custom paddle length is quick and easy! Figure it out here.

Grip Type

  • Palm Grip
  • T Grip

Grass Sticks also hand sands multiple layers of marine-grade coating, giving each shaft a durable, beautiful finish that stays soft and grippy when wet. All Grass Sticks products are backed up by a 2-year unlimited warranty. Paddles are $184 U.S. (Carbon Fiber is extra).

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