New Campsites Coming To Mount Revelstoke National Park

New Campsites Coming To Mount Revelstoke National Park

In a letter that went out on August 26th, 2016 to local stakeholders, it was announced that 50 new campsites (for tents, trailers and motorhomes) will be added to Mount Revelstoke National Park in 2019. While there is backcountry camping and shelters offered, there are currently no road-accessible campgrounds. Here is a quote from the letter...

Visitor demand for camping in the par has been growing over the past decade and Parks Canada is now in a position to offer new camping opportunities.

We believe this campground will complement the existing tourism and recreation opportunities in the area, offering visitors more options to explore both the national parks as well as the surrounding region.

Strict development limits are in place to ensure the protection of ecological integrity in Canada’s national parks. Parks Canada has a rigorous development review and environmental assessment process that ensures all new park development proposals comply with these limits and that the park’s ecological integrity is maintained.
— Park Superintendent: Nicholas Irving

Today (September 7th, 2016) the Minister of Environment and Climate Change and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, Catherine McKenna, announced close to $6 million in funding for various projects in both Mount Revelstoke National Park and Glacier National Park. These funds will be used to create these frontcountry campsites.

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Photo by Rob Buchanan