You Have Until April 17th to Apply for the Woods Ultimate Canadian Dream Job

Woods invites you to apply for the "Ultimate Canadian Dream Job" before April 17th. Two lucky winners will be 'hired' by Woods to explore the Trans-Canada Trail and share your adventures using the latest gear from Woods. Hope you enjoy hiking, climbing, paddling, portaging and swimming on your journey!

To apply for this job you must have...

  • Have lots of positive energy
  • Have experience in the outdoors with camping, tripping, canoeing and orienteering
  • Be an avid social media contributor and content creator and have skills in photography & videography
  • Having skills in public relations and being bilingual is a bonus


  • A 5-month contract from May 12th to September 30, 2015.
  • The program requires Woods™ explorers to be working 6 days a week for the program duration


  • $20K for the 5 month term payable on a monthly basis
  • A bonus of $2000 payable upon the completion of the term subject to the discretion of Woods Canada

Expenses to be covered by Woods Canada (upon the delivery of relevant back up documentation):

  • All related travel costs (flights, car rental),
  • Accommodations (hotels, camp fees)
  • A per diem of $300 per week per person will be provided to cover food/beverage and miscellaneous costs.
  • Outdoor Woods branded apparel costs

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