Pat Falvey, an Irish adventurer and mountaineer has launched the Thermo Tent on Kickstarter.

"Although I loved to camp, something used to really annoy me about my various tents. Once the temperature dropped outside they immediately became like ice boxes inside. The opposite was also true. Once the sun hit them directly they were like saunas inside. And whenever I camped in a large campsites, I might as well have invited everyone in, as there was no acoustic barrier between us and the outside world.
We at Thermo Tents have essentially married brand new and innovative insulation technology with our new multi layer tent design, and Thermo Tent is the result. It is the world's first (correctly) thermally and acoustically insulated tent. We have managed to overcome issues like bulk and condensation risk, and we have come up with a top quality, mobile tent that will introduce you to a new level of Comfort, Outdoors..."

The tent is made from Poly-cotton (65%35%) / Polyester with Ripstop, 7,000 mm HH, and features reflective lines and pegs and a choice of 2 colours. They are looking for about $36,200 Canadian, and are almost 50% funded just after launch. Learn more at and stay up to date with the project by following them on Facebook and Twitter.