On the Newsstands: Canoeroots Summer/Fall 2014

The Early Summer/Fall 2014 issue of Canoeroots has hit the newsstands. In this issue...

  • Why we love Nick Offerman
  • The Paddler's 50: The longest solo paddle, onesies, Bill Mason on Demand, skinning and 46 more reasons to love canoeing right now
  • Kevin Callan: The problem with wilderness wifi
  • Betcha didn't know about owls
  • Roy MacGregor: Tom Thomson Mystery
  • Better bush Bannock
  • Sharpen Knives
  • Best gear under $100
  • Extreme family vacations
  • And more...

Update: August 6th, 2014 - The iOS edition is now live on the newsstand!

Canoeroots is $6.99 at your local newsstand and $2.99 on the iOS Digital Newsstand and the Android Store. The print issue looks to have beat the digital one to the newsstands, so we'll update this post when it goes live so you can read it online.

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