On the Newsstands: Canoeroots Fall 2013


The Summer/Fall 2013 issue of Canoeroots has hit the newsstands. In this issue...

  • Weekend Getaways - three day trips
  • No trespassing - roaming in Europe's wilderness
  • Dan and Alice's 100-day paddle to the Arctic
  • Best camp stoves
  • Canoes: Trapper Corvus and Bluewater Prospector
  • Gourmet Belgian Waffles
  • Backcountry sleep secrets
  • British Canoe Hoax by James Raffan
  • Kevin Callan: Zombie Apocalypse
  • And more...

Canoeroots is $6.99 at your local newsstand and $2.99 on the iOS Digital Newsstand and the Android Store. You can also read it on your desktop computer for free.

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