Gear Review: Columbia Diamond 890 TurboDown Hooded Down Jacket

Every single time I'm running out the door and I grab my Columbia Diamond 890 TurboDown Hooded Down Jacket, I'm not thinking about the mouthful of a name it has... rather how incredibly light it is. Then after slipping it on, I appreciate how it isn't bulky in the least. So how well does an incredibly light and thin jacket hold up to the cold temperatures? Surprisingly well!

The Diamond 890 TurboDown Hooded Down Jacket is chock full of technology that helps it perform better than an equivalent jacket. Starting with a combination of 850-fill goose down (which has been infused with a water-resistant coating) and 40g Omni-Heat synthetic insulation, the two work together to trap and retain heat, even when wet. The entire inside of the jacket is lined with Omni-Heat reflective dots (including the hood and hand pockets) to reflect your own body heat back at you. This isn't a jacket for standing around in the snow. The more active you are, the better this jacket works! This breathable jacket doesn't lose it's warmth even after long excursions outdoors.

This jacket comes in a version for Men and Women. They both have a pocket inside and the entire jacket can be packed into one of the hand pockets. The TurboDown and Omni-Heat are teamed well together (with no cold spots) for an activewear jacket, with little bulk and great warmth.