This Winter has been a stark contrast to last year's. There have been a fair bit of blustery cold days that dictated that you will have to layer-up if you want to set foot outside. Rather than being cooped up inside, how should you combat the Winter blues? Check out Columbia's Long Sleeve 1/2 Zip Heavyweight Baselayer.


We've decided to nickname this review, "Anatomy of a warm day" as we break down how the Heavyweight baselayer should be the basis for your next outing.


Great gloves and a jacket are a given when going outside, so let's put those aside for the moment. Beneath them it is easy to forget the importance of your first layer. We tried last year to use an emergency blanket as a baselayer, but its crinkly texture and zero breathability didn't make for an enjoyable day. The Columbia Heavyweight Baselayer is both warm, soft (noticeably thicker than the midweight version of this shirt) and the included thumb loops helped when putting it on so that it didn't bunch up and ride up your arm when putting on a sweatshirt. While "thumb-looped in", the wrist section also covered a portion of the hand which was an extra barrier against drafts and elusive snow that would ordinarily make its way up your sleeve.


Directly against the skin, Columbia's baselayer is hard at work performing many tasks. Jump around to stoke your internal warmth before heading out, and you will find the Omni-Heat reflective dots do a great job of reflecting that heat back at you. Starting to warm up while enjoying the elements? The stretchy Omni-Wick fabric beneath the armpits and along the side will move that perspiration away from your body so that you won't get cold (and it's anti-microbial as well). We really don't have any complaints about the shirt, other than to keep it away from velcro, because it will create a few 'pulls' in the garment.

Winter outings are made enjoyable by a baselayer such as this which is available for both Men and Women.