If you were to make a long list of features you wanted in a Winter jacket, the Columbia Millennium Blur Jacket would check them all off... and more.

  • Lightweight? - Check
  • Waterproof? - Check
  • Breathable? - Check
  • Ventable? - Check
  • But still keep you warm? - Double check!

It has so many little nice touches that I'm sure I'll miss a few... Oversized zipper pulls, that allow you to open and close pockets while wearing gloves. Super soft wrist guards that are an extra layer to prevent snow from going up your sleeves. Adjustable cuffs and throughout the jacket are pockets galore (including one with a keyring clip so you don't lose your valuables)! The Omni-Heat reflective material (and insulation) was remarkably warm, and without a doubt kept me warmer on my Winter outings than another jacket of similar thickness. I found the detachable hood a little on the spacious side, you would be wise to wear a toque with it to keep it in place (there would be ample room for a helmet if you were going downhill skiing), but it blocked wind with ease. With all of these features on the jacket, what's happening on the inside?...


What's nice about this jacket is that it's clearly made to keep out snow and keep you happy while out enjoying it. From the easy to zip main zipper, to the lusciously soft pockets, it won't be just about surviving the cold, but feeling comfortable in it.

The Columbia Millennium Blur Jacket is available for Men and Women (Women's jacket includes thumb holes too, you lucky ducks!) to help you enjoy the rest of the Winter.