Presenters for the 2014 Wilderness & Canoe Symposium

The presenters and topics for the 2014 Wilderness & Canoe Symposium have been announced...

  • George Luste - recent canoe trip to Great Bear Lake, Douglas’s cabin and the Coppermine
  • Kathy Hooke – “George Douglas: Empowered by Northcote Farm”
  • Robert Hildebrand - “Lands Forlorn” by George Douglas
  • Karl Hartwick – “Northern Yukon Summer”
  • Ron Tozer – “Changes in Algonquin Park’s Birdlife”
  • Ken McGoogan – “Fatal Passage: Return to Rae Strait”
  • James Raffan – “Coppermine Atanigi Expedition”
  • Rob Mullen – “Bears and a Boat in the Brooks Range”
  • John Lentz – “Tales from the Paddle”
  • Katie Tanz & Lauren Sayre – “Keewaydin Canoe Trips-Girls in the Wilderness”
  • Neil Hartling – “Through the World’s Largest Non-Polar Icecap”
  • Matt Hopkinson – “From St. Lawrence Seaway to Maine Coast”
  • Walter Opuszynski - "Managing Experiences on a Water Trail"
  • Stephanie Potter - "The Journey of a Young Outdoor Enthusiast"
  • Ian Brown
  • Ian Tamblyn 

Register now online to join people from all over North America on February 7th and 8th at Monarch Park Collegiate in Toronto. Register before January 30th to save on registration.

Introduction to the Speakers and Topics featured at 2014 Wilderness and Canoe Symposium