Hike and Portage Your Way to a Charged GPS

With so many devices being dependent on a battery such as your cell phone or GPS, the Go Kin Pack is a promising way to charge them quickly. Rather than the tedious amount of time it takes for a solar charger to boost a device, the mechanical nature of the Go Kin will create 10 to 14 watts of power while walking three to five kilometers per hour. Created at Queens University and with the help of Bill Ostrom of Ostrom Outdoors, this product may soon be available to the public.

Update - December 18th, 2013:

  • Explore Magazine now has an article by Kevin Callan about the Go Kin Pack
  • You can also sign up on Go Kin's website now to receive updates on how the pack is progressing

A paddling friend, Bill Ostrom of Ostrom Packs, showed me his latest project he's working on. The Go Kin Pack creates energy with the motion of walking. Very cool. He's hoping to perfect it and have it on the market this coming spring. It creates 10-14 watts of power while walking 3-5 km per hour.