Les Stroud Playing Toronto on September 15th


Survivorman, Les Stroud will be playing at the Glenn Gould Studio with the Campfire Kings on September 15th. You can purchase your tickets now via Ticketmaster.

Update: September 15th -

Hello all who are going to miss the show that shouldve been tonight...I'm sorry we couldnt make it happen - all is fine with me and the ticket sales were great - but there were some very frustrating behind the scenes forces that could not be rectified....I was thinking i would run down there tonight and meet anyone who shows up at the door anyway to personally show my regret at the cancellation -but as i wake up this morning I had a better thought: For all you ticket holders I am going to arrange a replacement show - an intimate free show at a small venue in Toronto - please hold on to your ticket - but get your refund - and stay tuned through this facebook and my newsletter for the new gig - the venue and the date and time - we'll make it a nice close and personal intimate gathering - to talk about Survivorman, sign autographs - get pics and play some music - deal??? ....L