Apps: Les Stroud


The new Les Stroud app gives you a sampling from his 2006 self-entitled album, his hit single "I am Canadian", Les Stroud and the Northern Pikes "Long Walk Home" EP and his upcoming album Les Stroud and the Campfire Kings "Wonderful Things". There are six songs in total to listen to, but they won't auto play through the entire list, so you will have to go back after each song to play the next one. The two newest songs (Wonderful Things, and Never Intended) include the lyrics and chords.


Current version is 1.0.5 and is made for an iPhone but also works on an iPad in regular iPhone size mode, or 2x mode.

The Les Stroud App is Airplay compatible so you can stream it to your stereo via an Airport Express or AppleTV. The app is quite happy to continue playing the music even if you put your iPhone to sleep, or want to browse the included Bio or photos of Les Stroud. You will need an internet connection to listen to the music, even after downloading the app.

You can see a schedule of upcoming gigs to see when he plays near you, or read his recent tweets from @reallesstroud all through this app.


I hope more songs are added or to see his entire music library cycle through this app. Overall, if you have never heard Les' work, this is an excellent way to be introduced to his music (especially his newest songs Wonderful Things, and Never Intended which are fantastic!).

You can download the Les Stroud app for free for iOS.

Update: October 23, 2012 - The entire album of Wonderful Things has been added to the app.