It was a great way to wake up this morning... while getting ready to go for a run I noticed a new version of Nike+ had been released. No longer called Nike+ GPS, it is now known as Nike+ Running and it is totally free for both iOS and Android.

Piles of new changes in 4.0...

  • Get into a run even faster. You can now tap the run button from anywhere in the app. And off you go.
  • See how your last run stacks up against your previous seven, and get fresh insights based on your latest activity every time you come back to the app.
  • Swipe downwards on the new Home Screen to view your next moves. From picking your PowerSongs to challenging one of your personal bests, there’s always something to make your running experience better than before.
  • Visualize your runs side-by-side and see your progress with a new landscape history view.
  • Our new Run Summary makes it easier to view your route, tag how you felt, and note your terrain. And don’t worry about the weather; we’ll automatically tag it for you.
  • Rotate your phone while viewing the Run Summary to see the breakdown of your run into mile splits.
  • Introducing shoe tagging: Type in the name of your running shoes to track the distance they’re logging and see when it’s time to lace

Flick to slide the homescreen interface away to reveal settings, and past runs. If you look at the top of the screen you can see a coloured indicator line for what level of Nike+ runner you are.

You can tap and hold on the Run button to immediately start a run using your last settings.

3..2..1.. countdown timer, new views when you hold it horizontally, and comparisons to past runs all make the app more engaging.

A view of the new running screen with a very easy to read display

A view of the new running screen with a very easy to read display

Tap the corner of the display to see a live GPS of your run.

Tap the corner of the display to see a live GPS of your run.

Plenty of options to share your run, including keeping track of which kinds of shoes you used (nifty for me because I use both regular running kicks and trailrunning shoes)


Running was just part of the fun, as Nike has completely revamped the Nike Running website with piles of new features to share and explore your runs including seeing how you compare to other runners. You can still compete in challenges and now rack up NikeFuel.