Fox News: Blind Olympic Torchbearer Runs Assisted by Smartphone

During this year's World Wide Developer's Conference, Apple showed a video to encourage application developers to create programs. They were promoting the unforeseen benefits that programs bring such as a blind man who used a mapping program so that he could walk through local parks only aided by his iPhone (you can watch the video as part of the WWDC Keynote).

This week Fox News wrote about Simon Wheatcroft, who will be the London 2012 torchbearer and has been blind since the age of 17. He uses the app RunKeeper which speaks your duration, distance, pace and path.

“We had no idea when we built the app that it could be used by a blind person," Jason Jacobs, RunKeeper developer told "He's truly an inspiration -- we're huge fans of him and what he has been able to accomplish.”

You can "watch" his run via the RunKeeper website.