Nike+ GPS Updated to 3.1

It was just yesterday that we reported that the Nike+ app is free for a short period of time and now it has been updated. Nike+ GPS uses the GPS in your iPhone or your iPod Touch can be linked to a Nike+ wireless sensor to track your distance while running. Version 3.1 brings a slew of updates such as...

  • Control whether incoming calls pause your run
  • Select your preferences for Voiceover feedback, or turn it off all together.
  • End or pause your run without pulling the plug on your music.
  • Register or sign-in to Nike+ GPS with your Facebook or Twitter account. 
  • Experience a boosted engine with improved accelerometer and GPS accuracy.
  • Challenge your friends to a new Nike+ Tag Game: Last to Run, where the last person to sync a run is IT. 
  • Easily find friends to play Nike+ Tag by searching for their usernames.

I'm looking forward to see if the improved accuracy helps in this update! 

If you want to add me on Nike+ as a friend, my username is "iEvan". See you out on the trails!