Before the screening of Strength in Numbers, John Williams from the Otonabee Region Conservation Authority made an announcement. Peterborough now has a Mountain Bike destination as Harold Town Conservation Area (2611 Old Norwood Road) is open with Mountain Biking as the main focus. The new entrance-way and parking lot (shown above) was just finished so that cyclists could finally get off the road and park somewhere a little safer than the shoulder of Old Norwood Road. Over the course of the year there will be some signage going up as well. The conservation area's trails will be created and maintained by a volunteer based management program. Zac Wheeler was recognized for his hard work and dedication over the years to help launch this program and make Harold Town what it is today.

On June 9th at 10 a.m. there will be a Trail Building & Maintenance Day, so drop by to see where you can help out.

Learn more by joining the Facebook group and I look forward to seeing you on the trails!