Toronto Wayfinding Strategy Meeting Tomorrow

The The Toronto Walking Strategy was adopted by Toronto City Council back in 2009, to make the city more walker-friendly. Tomorrow night is a meeting to develop a Wayfinding System Strategy.

"Providing consistent information to ensure trips are simple and direct. The provision of a consistent signage and information system is a core service of the City for its residents, businesses and tourists. It is a tremendous opportunity to create a 'legible' city that will help to reduce traffic congestion, improve the functionality of the city’s streets, clearly define Toronto's character, and promote its continued economic vibrancy and competitiveness. A 'legible' city gives people the confidence to move around the city, in whatever mode – safe in the knowledge of knowing where the street leads, and how long their journey will take."

"Phase One of the project will develop a multi-modal approach for wayfinding in Toronto, including developing the principles, implementation strategy, identifying funding sources, and defining the parameters for a pilot system that will be presented to City Council in the Spring of 2012. Phase Two will include design guidelines and prototypes for pilot implementation. Phase Three will include a city-wide roll out and full implementation of the wayfinding strategy."

The meeting starts runs from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. Metro Hall - Rotunda (55 John Street).