To celebrate Canada Water Week (an effort to educate you about your "water footprint"), Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto hosted a special themed tour of their facility called the Ravine Ramble.

Annie MacLeod and Celeste Longhurst were fantastic tour guides with a wealth of knowledge! Here, Annie shows us the outdoor artwork at Evergreen Brick Works that also conveys the Don Watershed and its past and present impact on Toronto.

A before and after look at the Quarry which sits at the junction of Mud Creek and the Don River. The tower marked "Valley" still stands today.

A large group braved the brisk weather (Evergreen Brick Works' tours run rain or shine) and had plenty of intriguing questions about their surroundings.

The nature trails are available 24/7 and have a variety of natural elements to explore. Here we are looking for Koi who have spent the winter in the ponds.

Nature enthusiast Joe, shows off photos of Herons who frequent the area.

A Beaver was doing some forestry management with no regard to Evergreen's fence.

A man-made island for waterfowl which is a mini eco-system of its own.

An example of the beautiful things that happen around you... A tiny insect crawls into this weed in the Fall to spend the winter. In turn, the weed scabs up around it, which keeps the insect warm through the Winter.

One walker was able to split open the weed to reveal the insect inside.

A view of the Evergreen Brick Work's trails from a higher vantage point.

Evergreen Brick Works is located at 550 Bayview Avenue. Tours are free (but please make a donation), and read their schedule to see when the next one is. Don't forget to check out the two themed walks coming up next month.