Last night was the third and last Public Involvement Centre (PICs) meeting where the proposed cycling network that will "Balance the needs of both the recreational and utilitarian cyclists" was displayed. A study conducted by Morrison Hershfield for The City of Peterborough showed short, medium and long term plans for implementing trails.

Our existing network of trails consists of 15 km of on-road trails and 38 km of off-road and the plan suggests that by 2021 we will add 29 km to on-road and 19km of off-road trails.

The on-road bicycle lanes could take the form of the standard cycling lane (which come with their own set of issues), cycling tracks (segregated bicycle lane separated from traffic by a physical barrier), or bicycle boulevards (low volume/low speed streets where bicycle traffic would be encouraged) all determined at the time of implementation (hmmm).

Feedback for this plan was provided by the Peterborough County-City Health Unit, Peterborough-Bicycle Advisory Committee, Peterborough Cycling Club, Active and Safe Routes to School Committee and the Active and Safe Community Routes Committee. This also includes feed back from the Peterborough Cycling Summit Participation Survey!

The Parkway Trail was something that everyone was keeping their eye on as the City plans to build a two lane road between Fairbairn Street and Cumberland Ave... threatening the green-space along this trail. Construction is slotted into their Medium Term Plans (2021-26) so there may some changes to this as the public becomes involved.