Cycle Tourism Roundtable

Yesterday, the Regional Tourism Organization 8 (RTO8) held an open roundtable discussion to gather information about what our region needs in terms of cycling infrastructure. About 30 people were in attendance from all walks of life and ranged from local business owners to cycle enthusiasts. Howard Pulver from bicycle touring web site Bike On Tours and William Pol from the IBI Group lead the group and gathered numerous ideas. Key ideas addressed by our table were properly paved road shoulders, more signage to direct riders within the area and getting the info 'out there' via some sort of a toolkit to identify that Peterborough is a cycling savvy city.

Identifying corrections to the local cycling trails

This initiative is still in the beginning phases but the RTO8 hopes to identify regional partnerships through a collaboration of trail builders, cycling clubs and local businesses. The report will be presented online and we will post a link to it when it becomes available.

A second session runs today in Cobourg. Drop in and let them know what your area needs, they are very receptive to your thoughts.