On The Newsstands: Fall 2019 Issue Of Paddling Magazine

On The Newsstands: Fall 2019 Issue Of Paddling Magazine

The Fall 2019 issue of Paddling Magazine is on the newsstands. In this issue...

  • Top 10 places to paddle as chosen by you (and Google)

  • What Paddlers Want: 43 things you can live without… but probably won’t

  • 7-Day SUP Expedition

  • Why your brain sucks at assessing this risk

  • How to buy a good used board

  • Brooke Hess on the genre pay gap

  • How virtual reality will maybe save canoeing

  • Why we need to own it

  • 8 things to know before you get really lost

  • Callan rips on wannabe bushcrafters

  • How to be twice the paddler for half the price

  • MacGregor on why speling doesn’t reelly matter

  • Coastal canoeing is on the rise.. and fall.. and rise.. and fall

  • And more...

Paddling Magazine is $6.99 at your local newsstand and $3.99 on the iOS App Store and the Android Store.

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