Bannock Break: Campfire Smell, & Lyme Disease Funding

Bannock Break: Campfire Smell, & Lyme Disease Funding

Put on a pot of camp coffee and break off a piece of bannock and read through our weekly roundup of Canadian camping and canoeing news from around the internet. Have an article you'd like to see in Bannock BreakLet us know!


Campfire smell lingers into third day

The Beaverton (Canada’s satirical news site which is also similar to The Onion) has a funny article about how the distinct smell of charcoal and woodsmoke continued to linger around an Ontario family three full days after returning from a weekend camping trip.


As the Threat of Lyme Disease Rises, Why Hasn’t Research Funding Followed Suit?

Although it is an American article, it gives a bit of insight as to why we don’t have more preventative measure here in Canada to fight the growing spread of Lyme.