Crowdfunding: Bivystick Satellite Communication Device

Crowdfunding: Bivystick Satellite Communication Device

Bivystick allows you to send and receive text messages from your phone via satellite, from anywhere in the world. They are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise $34,318 (and are pretty much fully funded at this point with a little under a month to go).

Don’t commit your adventure budget to an annual contract and huge activation fee. Just activate your Bivystick before your trip, only for as long as you need it.

With the Bivystick you can...

  • share your location via text message or social media so people can see where you are at all times on our detailed topo maps.
  • For those of you that easily get turned around, you are able to track your path and leave breadcrumbs so you know where you have been and how to get back.   
  • When things really don’t go as planned, you can send an SOS message and get in contact with local emergency services. Communicate with them throughout the process to ensure the quickest and safest rescue.
  • When you’re wondering if you should wear your tank top or your turtleneck, Bivy stick gives you access to detailed weather forecasts for your location. 
  • Bivystick will also keep your phone charged with the 5200 mAh back up battery to ensure your phone is always ready to communicate. 
  • All of this seamlessly integrated with Bivy App and it’s database of more than 45,000 trails, climbing routes and waterways. 
  • Retail Price - $299 U.S. and available for pre-order

The base plan is $17.99 U.S. and the Bivystick credits are 1 credit = 1 action (overage rate is $0.50 per credit).


On a sidenote, we were browsing the website in which the device ties in to via an app on your smartphone. All of the mapping data appears to be U.S. only at this point.